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Dossier of the AscensionThe Dossier of the Ascension is step two on the Lightning Path. This book provides the basic information you need to fully activate your "spiritual power tool" (your body as Michael Sharp likes to call it). With the Dossier in hand, you will quickly and efficiently throw off the fear and misconception that keeps your chakras blocked or inefficient.

The Dossier is to be used in conjunction with The Great Invocation. The Great Invocation is a powerful chakra and kundalini activation sequence that will safely jump start your own energetic and spiritual awakening.

In the Dossier of the Ascension, Michael Sharp guides you with the skill and efficiency that only a Master could bring. Learn how to activate your chakras and stay activated. Learn what to expect as you move from inefficient creator to powerful co-creator of the physical universe around you. Learn how easy it is to overcome blockage and attain the holy grail of Spiritual attainment -- full chakra activation and safe kundalini activation.


In A Clear Day

On a Clear Day - Ebook In A Clear Day Bonnie E. Doss takes the reader on a journey of awakening and healing like no other. The victim of profound childhood abuse herself, and a seasoned practitioner of the Twelve Step method of coping, Bonnie shows us how to break through the protective shell that we create in order to cope in order to emerge shining like the proud spiritual beings that we are deep inside.

A Clear Day is a beautiful testament to the power of our Spirit. The magic is clear. Bonnie shows us how to remember our power and recapture the glory and the joy that was once ours. Heal our children, embrace our true Spirit, throw off our victimization, and emerge to see the beautiful truth of who you really are on A Clear Day.

When you get to the twelfth step and you realize you want more, or if you are just tired of spinning in a restrained negative space that leaves no room for joy, this is the book that will show you there is more. Life is more than victimization, more than the sum of betrayal, and more than fortified coping. Life is what you make of it.

The Book of Life

The Book of Life - Ebook Finally, here is the Truth in a form that everyone can understand. Michael Sharp has done a spectacular job of presenting the deep spiritual truths of creation and of this planet in an accessible, direct, and no-nonsense format.

In The Book of Life learn all you need to know in order to understand and navigate the dramatic global changes now unfolding. Everything from the energetic nature of the universe through karma, prophecy, the Annunaki, the failed ascension attempts of Atlantis/Lemuria and our current (and successful!) ascension work is laid out in appealing fashion. Once you pick it up, you cannot put it down              Hinduism  > Forms of Yoga >Mantra Yoga > Hatha Yoga > Laya Yoga > Raja Yoga  > About Reiki> Books On Yoga