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       They even forget that all deities reside in the human breast.


Mantra Yoga is concerned, in the main, with the acquisition of one or the other material or mental power or powers through the constant repetition of a particular mantra or oral formula in order to attract the presiding power or deity to which the mantra relates, and then to press that power into service, good or bad, according to the will and pleasure of the practitioner. One who uses these powers for effecting evil and doing harm to others often runs the risk of self - immolation and usually falls a prey to the wrath of   the deity concerned. Those who employ such powers for selfish motives with the object of material gains to themselves at the cost of others, very soon lose their power, and in the end ruin themselves. These powers may, however, be profitably used for the good of others and there is not much harm in that, though it may mean loss of some vital energy after each such act. All types of miracles of the lowest order, like thought- reading, thought-transference, faith-healing, particularly in cases of nervous and mental diseases, fall under this category. It is therefore much better to avoid such things and to conserve whatsoever psychic powers one may acquire, and use them for gaining at least the lower spiritual planes and regions which form the seat of the deities concerned, in a spirit of selfless devotion. Then all the psychic powers will of themselves function without incurring any loss by one's own acquisition of them. It should however be borne in mind that repetition of the mantras per se does not bear any fruit unless it is done with full attention fixed on the specific mantras, and with intense devotion such as may set up particular vibrations connected therewith. But Mantra Yoga by itself is not of any value in self-realization, and more often than not those who practice this form of yoga remain ever entangled in useless pursuits of one kind or another as described above, with no great benefit to themselves in the upliftment of the  self or soul.

As regards the exercise of mantra siddhis or supernatural powers acquired through the efficacy of meditation on mantras, Patanjali, in his Yog Sutras, sounds a definite note of warning :                                                            They are obstacles to samadhi, powers but in worldly state.

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Aum, a term whose three letters suggest the three phases of human experience: "A" referring to the waking state (jagrat), ".U" the dream state (swapna) and "M" the deep sleep state ( sushupti ) .