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Chamba > Chamunda Temple Devi Kothi


Location:-One of the most interior and backward villages of Churah valley in Himachal Pradesh is Devikothi, about 110 km from the district headquarters of Chamba. In the absence of a link road, transportation of goods is carried out by mules. This mountainous area remains covered with snow for six months in a year.

Of the other numberless village temples, mostly dedicated to a Devi or Naga, the only one  which deserves a  passing  notice is that of Chamunda , at Devi Kothi, on account of the Mughal influence manifest in its wood-carvings. It is possible that this temple may have been constructed by Raja Umed Singh in A.D. 1754,but it is very unlikely that the paintings were executed under the patronage of this raja .It would be more correct to place them ,on stylistic grounds, in the first quarter of nineteenth centaury. The temple is dedicated to Devi and contains illustrations of the exploits of the goddess Durga. But there are many panels given to the themes from Bhagavata Purana.

Wall Paintings Devi Kothi Distt Chamba Himachal Pradesh


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