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Chamba > Architecture of Hill Temples


The number 0f Shikhara temples in Chamba leaving  aside the miniature ones, does not exceed fourteen (ten of which are found in the town), but it would be difficult to count those of the Hill type, which are scattered everywhere along the mountain slopes and in the valleys. Their construction is extremely simple. They consist 0f a small cella, usua1ly raised on a square plinth, and built 0f layers of rubble masonry alternating with beams of cedar wood. This is surmounted by a sloping roof of slates or wooden singles supported by wooden posts, which form a verandah or procession-path round the shrine. Of the high pagoda-like roof met with in Kashmir, Kul1u and Nepal no instances are found in Chamba. It is possible that some temples, e. g., that at Chhatrahi, originally had a roof of this kind. Owing to climatic conditions the roofs of these buildings have often to be renewed. It must, however, be admitted that they are well calculated to shelter the shrine against the heavy rain and snow fall peculiar to the hills. Though simple in their architecture, some 0f these Hill temples are of great interest owing to the elaborate decoration of  their facades, ceilings and pillars.

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