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Nagadhiraj  Himalaya   A Review  of  the  Indian  Himalayan         
                                                                       by Harish Kapadia


About the auther:- Mr Harish Kapadia is a veteran Mountaineer & writer.This was one of the earliest Himalyan travel recorded in the Indian range.This article is based on 40 years of personal mountaineering experience of the auther in the indian Himalayan. Courtesy:- Yojana

                                                                                                               Though a lot has been done in the Indian Himalaya in the last Millennium, a lot remains to be done. After all what is a 100 years for the Nagadhiraj Himalaya, standing there for centuries. We must Pledge to know more about the range and protect it.

                                                                                                                                                      " In the northern direction there is a noble souled mountain called the Himalaya He is Nagadhiraj, the Lord of all mountains, with his two  extending arms fathoming the eastern and western oceans He stands unsurpassed as the measuring rod of the earth ''                                                                    Kalidas   in   Kumarsambhava


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 If Kullu valley is the most accessible, Zanskar remains the visited valley most by trekkers. Many throng to cross Shingo la, reach Padam and proceed ahead to Leh. En route is the jewel of the area- Phuktal monastery. Built high up, almost inside a cave, it has a long history like many of the monasteries in this area. The Hungarian scholar, Csoma de Koros stayed here for many years. Visitors are proudly shown a stone carved in his memory.

Nun and Kun peaks were first eyed by the mountaineers in 1898. Kun was climbed in 1913 while the first ascent of Nun was made by Monsieur Bernard Pierre's team in 1953. Zanskaris are a hardy lot and brave the cruel winter there, although cut off from all sides. As the summer approaches they traditionally follow a route along the Zanskar river to Nimo. On this route, called 'Tchaddar' they are now sometimes joined by trekkers.                                                                      Next Page

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