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Nagadhiraj  Himalaya   A Review  of  the  Indian  Himalayan         
                                                                       by Harish Kapadia

                             Assam Himalaya       

About the auther:- Mr Harish Kapadia is a veteran Mountaineer & writer.This was one of the earliest Himalyan travel recorded in the Indian range.This article is based on 40 years of personal mountaineering experience of the auther in the indian Himalayan. Courtesy:- Yojana

                                                                                                               Though a lot has been done in the Indian Himalaya in the last Millennium, a lot remains to be done. After all what is a 100 years for the Nagadhiraj Himalaya, standing there for centuries. We must Pledge to know more about the range and protect it.

                                                                                                                                                      " In the northern direction there is a noble souled mountain called the Himalaya He is Nagadhiraj, the Lord of all mountains, with his two  extending arms fathoming the eastern and western oceans He stands unsurpassed as the measuring rod of the earth ''                                                                    Kalidas   in   Kumarsambhava


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Assam Himalaya -

 Further east, the thickly wooded valleys of Arunachal Pradesh have not been much explored. The only areas which are visited often are in the Tawang valley, famous for its monastery. Tilman visited the area in 1939 and wrote of his experiences in Assam Himalaya Unvisited. In 1913       F.M. Bailey and H. T. Morshead had made an attempt to reach the base of Gorichen. The route was named as the 'Bailey Trail'. In 1962 the Chinese came down this trail and the ensuing war put this area out of bounds for civilians. The army has constructed' ALGs' (Advance Landing Grounds) to guard the area, avoiding the overgrown valleys. In recent years the peak of Gorichen has been climbed by different routes. Routes to Kangto and Nyegi Kangsang have also been explored. But still a lot remains to be seen and done here.  

In Arunachal Pradesh the expedition to Nyegi Kangsang in 1995 became mired in controversy. It was an expedition led by Col M P Yadav and sponsored by the IMF. This peak is on the border of unknown Arunachal Pradesh and Tibet. The team crossed into Tibet and the summiteers reached a point about 600 m lower than the real summit. Faced with evidence and studies this time the leader and summiteers had to admit that this was the case. Dr M S Gill the President of IMF, who stood for the truth of climbs during his tenure, did everything to set correct records.  

Every range has its share of controversies. Indian climbers had more than its share perhaps. I must record the second of the 'jewels' after the Nyegi Kangsang.  

Claim of ascent  of Nilkanth in 1961  by a team led by  Col N Kumar most infamous episodes. This expedition had no perspective of this peak and its summit ridge which they claimed to be a 'gentle trudge'. A 'first ascent' was claimed on 13 june. When faced with substantial evidence by J.C. Nanavati, President Emiritus of the Himalayan Club, the bureaucracy moved to defend itself. Then President of the IMF H.C. Sarin remained adamant not to accept the findings under political pressures. In fact even the Himalayan Journal also, rather curiously, did not record the correction until Soli Mehta and myself were editors late in the seventies. F or the past four decades the world has accepted the fact that of non ascent while officially it remains otherwise.                                                         Next page

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