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Pongdam<Birds of Kangra >YELLOW-FOOTED GULL (Larus livens)

27 (69 cm). This large gull closely resembles the Western Gull, but the adult has yellow (not pinkish) feet. It matures in its third year, not the fourth, as the Western Gull does. The brown juvenile bird has a whitish belly and by the first winter already has some black on the back. The yellow feet are attained by the second winter. The Yellow-footed Gull, Larus livens, is a large gull, closely related to the Western Gull and thought to be a subspecies until the 1960s.Adults are similar in appearance to the Western Gull, with a white head, dark, slate-colored back and wings, and a thick yellow bill. Its legs are yellow, though first winter birds do display pink legs like those of the Western Gull.