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Tibetan Medical Tradition

    Over a period of 2,500 years Tibetans have perfected a sophisticated medical tradition based on the holistic concept of mind and body. It maintains that disease or disorders in the human body are caused when there is a disequilibrium of psychological and physical energies. Delusion, hatred and attachment results in ego (translated also as "I" consciousness), which in turn disturbs the psychological energy balance, while improper food, behavior and bad environment disturbs the physical energy balance. Tibetan doctors would normally follow three methods of diagnosis: visual, interrogation and pulse-reading. Sometimes, they may be able to tell your ailment by merely asking the symptoms, followed by a pulse-reading and a look at your tongue or eyes. However, it is believed that diagnosis is more accurate if these methods are accompanied by a urine test.
Tibetan medicines normally come in hard pills or powder, and most are extremely bitter in taste. Their ingredients are predominantly herbal, although animals products, precious stones and metals are also used. The stones and metals are burned and detoxified through an intricate and secret process of alchemy. Over the years, Tibetan medicine has proved most effective in curing various chronic diseases. Its effectiveness in curing hepatitis, according to some westerners, is miraculous. Tibetan medicine is also known for its efficacy in curing chronic sinus-related diseases, although one has to be on medication for a long time. More info:-... Health Secrets of Tibetan Medicine

 Tibetan medicine differs from allopathic medicine in that it has no concept of "illness" as such, but rather the concept is of "disharmony" of the organism. Accordingly, this system of medicine, like many alternative therapies, seeks to achieve a harmony of the self.                                                                                Click here to read Informative  article by-: Patricia Skinner.

Clinics for traditional Tibetan medicine in McLeod Gunj:-

There are three clinics for traditional Tibetan medicine in McLeod Gunj: the Branch Clinic of the Tibetan Medical Institute, Dr. Yeshi Dhonden's Clinic and the Dr. Lobsang Dolma Khangsar Memorial Clinic. However, the Tibetan Medical and Astro Institute is the major institution and is located near Gangchen Kyishong, about five minutes' walk below the Tibetan Library.

Tibetan Medical And Astro Institute

In 1961, a small dispensary of traditional Tibetan medicine was opened in Dharamsala to cope with the flood of Tibetan refugees arriving every day. Now situated near Gangchen Kyishong, the Tibetan Medical Institute is a huge complex in a spacious compound where the fundamentals of traditional Tibetan medical practice are taught to over fifty students per year. The TMAI has a dispensary, an in-patient unit and a surgical ward. This clinic, as well as its branch in McLeod Gunj, treats patients from all over the world.
About two hundred different pills are produced at the institute and distributed to thirty six branch clinics in India and Nepal. They are also mailed abroad to meet the growing demand for herbal medicines in the west. The phenomenal growth of the institute is an indication of the reputation Tibetan medicine has acquired in international circles. Tibetan medicine dates back more than 2,500 years, and respected physicians and researchers worldwide are increasingly recognizing the effectiveness of these natural cures.