Paintings By Elsbeth Buschmann  Excerpts from the Exhibitions  visitor's book

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Congratulations for bringing peace from the Himalayans!    

Excellent exhibition with works from inner depth    which    we  all  need  to  explore.

                                          Amarnath Sehgal  

A real delight!    
                                                       D.P. Sibal  

                          White Path    
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The paintings have the touch of spirituality and   spirituality  is  the  need  of  the hour. Life  is  loosing  its  charm because people are becoming too materialistic.    

                                                      O.R. Niazi 

The paintings are heart touching and  the    
spirituality depicted in them  is  very  deep and far from the understanding of common man.                                    
                     Everything flows  
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One never saw the mystic world  in  such lucid  simplicity.  Beautiful  and  enticing visualisation  indeed.    
T.N. Mohapatra  

A master of the line expressing perfect harmony reminding of the laws of the universe.                            Ajit K. Banerjee  
                           Great Journey  

Your lines and  colours   meander   like the Ganga- probing,exploring and soothing.    

                                                            Vasant  Iyer  

Simply marvellous!                                                       Light  colours  never  seen  so  elegantly complimenting and so  gracefully compromising.                                                                 M.P.Bharadwaj


                             Distant Lands  
     Die Goettliche Offenbarung in Farben. (The  Divine Revelation in colours) How can I  thank….    

                          Stardust (German Theravada monk)

Clear, luminous, transparent - truly spiritual!    
                                                    Gopal  Chatterjee 

     Walking through your concept I    
felt how much penetrating it could be To  feel one's own nature and self.                                 Vivek Kamokar 

On y percoit une langue de la connaissance       de Soi,  ainsi qu’une technique toute de douceur.    
                                                    S. Bota  

                           Priceless Pearl  
     gold.jpg (15026 bytes) Choice of pastel shades and perfection in technique Havecombined to make these paintings simply   superb!                       -                          A.P Singh  
                           Golden Harvest  
     golden.jpg (8117 bytes) Soft and harmonious colours and composition 
Have an effect on the mind which conveys a  feeling of solitude and peace.    
                                       Jaydev Bhattacharya 
                             Golden Sphere   

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